As Fall seemingly is around the corner I hope you my friends are excited about what’s to come and are enjoying your NOW. Over the last 30 days I’ve determined that embracing the beauty around me is a necessity and in turn I’ve become smitten with exploring our local area, sitting at the beach with my book of choice, and eating from an array of small businesses that are on the cusp of greatness. Smile. 

Often we are so busy with planning our next that we don’t enjoy the now. Your moments matter and your space around you contributes greatly to your satisfaction. So my husband knows better than most that I will don a new throw pillow with a quickness and the smells of Harper Luxe are constantly in rotation at our abode. Whether it’s a bubble bath or just a night Family Feud, lol, I will ensure that the space feels right and comfortable. How about you? 

Recommendations for your NOW: Check out our latest room spray “White Birch”. With hints of mint, eucalyptus and pine it’s perfect for a light room refresh. Also by popular demand our Lavender & Linen and Oasis candles are available in our large vessels. Whoohoo! So embrace your moments and enjoy what’s to come my friends. Until next month! Latoya (Your Bougie Parfumee Connoisseur) :) 

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